Creeperixy''s Staff Application

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Creeperixy''s Staff Application

Post by Creeperixy on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:48 pm

In-game name: Creeperixy
In-game RANK: guest, im lazy
Age: 14
Timezone: Europe
Country: non of your buisness
Hours played: alot if you count the other versions of the server
Abit about yourself: im random

Why would you like to become A member of staff?: because #YOLO
Why should we choose you over others?: I am fabulous
How would you help the community?: I will make everybody laugh due of my randomness, and i will staff good o3o
If you saw a person with a higher rank than you abusing the rules, what would you do?: ask them to stop, if they dont i will report them
How would you intermediate during an argument, would you take sides?: i will yell at them to shut up, i dont like arguments what so ever
How would you assure others that this is a REPUTABLE server?: wtf is reputable
How much TIME do you intend to spend on the server per week?: aslong as i can


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Re: Creeperixy''s Staff Application

Post by Joseph on Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:14 pm

It's a good application in truth, I know I can trust you from my other servers. Sooooooo, I'd be happy to welcome you to the staff team!


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